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Injection Transformer
Injection Transformer

Injection Transformer

The injection transformer is presently the prevalent method for connecting the network analyzer to the circuit being tested, and is primarily used for control loop stability measurements. The goal of the transformer is to inject a signal into the control loop being measured, without impacting the performance of the loop.

PICOTST Signal Injectors is the most versatile and sophisticated set of test adapters ever developed. Theyare an essential part of getting the most out of your network and impedance analyzers whether you are measuring power supplies, regulators, other linear circuitry or components. If you are making stability, step load, noise, PSRR, PDN, EMI, reverse transfer, crosstalk, impedance (power supplies, opamps, ESR, DCR, batteries), or DC Bias effect measurements (inductors, opto-couplers, diodes), then you need to be using Picotest Signal Injectors to get the most out of every measurement. The Picotest line of Signal Injectors can be used with any manufacturer’s oscilloscope, network analyzer, or spectrum analyzer.

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