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When measuring EMC emissions con-ducted from the Equipment-under-test (EUT) most standards specify a LISN (or artificial mains V-network) to couple the RF from the cable and to provide a repeatable impedance at the measured frequencies. All Laplace LISNs fully comply with the relevant standards and feature a rigorous, individual calibration with hardcopy of results issued by a UK test laboratory.

Laplace LISNs can be split into five groups:

  •  CISPR16, Commercial, up to 16 Amps.
  •  CISPR16, Commercial, 32 up to 100 Amps.* Single phase and 3 phase.
  •  CISPR25, Automotive, up to 100 Amps.1
  •  Military requirements, UK and US standards.1 DefStan59-41 and MilSpec461
  •  Special types, eg for space satellite testing.

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