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Spectrum analyzer test accessory
Spectrum analyzer test accessory

Spectrum analyzer test accessory

  • Near field probe
  • RF test cable
  • Adapter
  • Signal analysis softwaare

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Active filters

Reference: SRF5030T

SRF5030T Near-Field Probe Set

Near-Field Probe Set for the SSA3000X, SSA3000X-R and SVA1000X series are perfect for identifying sources of interference and other EMI events.

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JB360 N-SMA high performance flexbile test cable

 JB360 is a complete product of low loss cable with phase stability up to 6GHz. This cable assembly, integrated with microwave connectors, is designed and engineered for the highest possible performance at the high frequency range. lt supports the most demanding needs of any application where performance and phase stability is critical. It is ideal for...

Price A$110.00
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