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SIGLENT SPS5163X high power DC Power supply, 1080W, 160V,22.5A

  • Maximum output power: 1080W, output voltage: 160V, output currenct: 22.5A.
  • Output Voltage ripple less than 20mv RMS and 100mv P-P.
  • Output response time: less than 100ms, with adjustable output voltage time of 0.1~320V/S.
  • Voltage set  resolution 1mv, accuracy: 0.1%, Readback accuracy: 0.1%.
  • Support list output mode, config data loading by USB device
  • The built-in Web server provides remote access and control of the instrument via a standard browser
  • 2.4 inch OLED display

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To aviod voltage overshoot and surge. SPS6163X default output mode is CC mode. When set to CV mode, the output voltage will respond quickly to reach the set value.

Sgilent SPS5163X Output response time is less than 100ms, with adjustable response time setup, setup range: 0.1~320V/S for voltage control and 0.01~45A/S for Current control.

SPS6163X output resistance can changed from 0~8ohm.

Targeting for greater output power test application, the Sgilent SPS5000x series power supplies offer the flexibility to connect 3 units in parallel mode for greater output current, add connect 2 units in series for greater output voltage .

To safeguard your device from damage, the Sgilent SPS5000X Series power supplies provide over-temperature, over-current and over-voltage protection (OVP) to shut down the power supply output when a fault conditionoccurs.

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